Culture Roulette

We’re excited to launch the first season of Culture Roulette.

Culture Roulette is a culture show that will feature 8 episodes in 2021.

All episodes are available to watch on YouTube. Like, share, and subscribe to the channel to receive all updates.

We hope to inspire you, the audience, and connect you to the stories of valued community members here in Calgary, AB.

Culture Roulette is emblematic of the human experience. The human experience is defined by art, creativity, intellectual odyssey, historical artifacts that thread our humanity to the present. It is within the human DNA to create, reflect, reason, and express extreme joy.

Culture Roulette - Channel

Culture Roulette Production Team

Eddy Butin

Brand Concept Design, Host, Production, Research, Writer

Mitch Nybo

Production Director, Camera Operator, Field Audio, Editor

Aaron Reimer

Director of Photography 

Peter Kaczan

Director of Photography 

Bret Kenworthy

Logo Design & Animation

Tricia Bell

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Commercial Narration

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